English cooking classes in Copenhagen

Learn to bake fantastic sourdough bread or explore authentic street foods on our different courses in english.

Lær at bage kanelsnurre på bagekursus hos Meyers
New Nordic Cuisine cooking class at Meyers

I Meyers Madhus we offer different kinds of English cooking and baking classes in Copenhagen. 

On Bread Making vol. 1 you learn how to make your very own loaf of sourdough bread. The class will show you how to turn flour, water, sourdough, salt and a tiny bit of yeast into a tasty and moist bread. You also learn to make cinnamon buns called kanelsnurrer in danish which has become our most popular pastry in Meyers Bakery. Read about our bakeries here

If you are more interested in learning how to make authentic food from different cultures around the world, Mexican Street Food and Isidora's South America are worth to point out.

On Mexican Street Food you get skills in making salsa, taco, guacamole and how to use chili in the best possible way. You will become an expert in making tasteful Mexican food!

On Isidora's South America you will gain knowledge about key ingredients like corn, beans quinoa and chili and learn how to make ceviche, salsa and other traditional South American foods.