Mød Kala Sung - kvinden bag vores koreanske madkursus

Vi er så privilegerede, at Kala Sung aka Kimchi Queen har takket ja til at dele sin viden om det koreanske køkken i vores Madhus. Det gør hun på kurset 'Kalas koreanske køkken’.


Kala Sung er koreansk new yorker. Kala har en kandidat grad i food studies fra NYU og har gået på det velansete Culinary Institute of America – forkortet CIA (uden relation til den anden CIA). I København har Kala stået for en række pop-ups på f.eks. La Banchina og Gasoline Grill (med en legendarisk kimchi- burger), og Kala leverer kimchien til Hart Bageris populære kimchi-sandwich.

Du kan læse mere om Kalas koreanske kursus her. 

Vi har spurgt hende om, hvorfor hun har slået sig ned i København, og hvor hendes interesse for madens verden stammer fra:

- What made you come to Copenhagen?

I was attracted to Copenhagen because of its innovative food culture. It truly is a capital for food exploration. This has grown so successfully with the open, curious and welcoming spirit of the Danish people. I wanted to bring to the scene more of my native Korean cuisine that I grew up with and have reinterpreted through different culinary experiences and time lived around the globe.

- How (and why) you came to work with food and gastronomy?

Food & gastronomy have been at the center of my life ever since I grew my first two teeth. As I got older I got pulled into the culinary world and was completely fascinated by the energy of workings kitchens and specifically that of a fast and efficient dining service of a restaurant. I love the immediacy of it all and how it all plays together like an orchestra with different departments of the kitchen working together to ceremoniously present a single dish. That to me is ordinary magic. As I continue to live and travel in different parts of the world, it becomes so clear to me just how much food is a bridge between cultures. It is the simplest and truest way to share, laugh and learn.

- The role of kimchi in your life - and why kimchi?

Kimchi for me is a unique and powerful composition of the traditional Korean kitchen. It is proof of how intuitive our ancestors (from thousands of years ago) were and how harmoniously their diet was designed for their well being. Kimchi is now recognized for its tremendous benefits as a form of probiotic. I wish to popularize Kimchi in the same way that Kpop has boomed around the world. My mission is to spread this cultural influence so that people can savor the addictive quench of Kimchi and have it be a part of their daily routine and diet - to satisfy their tastes and their bellies.