Opening hours at Meyers at the Opera

We are open on days with performances, from three hours prior to the performance.

On days with performances, the café opens at 4.00 pm

On days with matinée performances, the café opens at 12 am 

On Sundays with matinée performances the restaurant opens at 1 pm, here tapas will be served.

Prepare the mind before the singers enter the stage and enjoy a delicious dinner made from the best local and seasonal ingredients.

  • The menu

    Food and wine at Meyers at the Opera

    The menu at Meyers at the Opera consists of 3 or 4 servings made from seasonal quality ingredients.

    Wine is bought per glass and hence it is made sure that the wine balances the expression and taste of the individual dishes. You decide for your self whether you want to get the full menu prior to the performance, or whether you want to save the dessert for the break. The table is yours the whole evening, and we will make sure that the dessert is served at the same table.

    See the menu
  • Foyer café and the bars

    Refreshments, sandwiches and tasty cakes

    On the ground floor you will find the Foyer Café of the Royal Danish Opera. It is open just before and during performances at the Opera. In addition, several bars will be open during the brake which can be found at the different levels of the Opera. We serve the same assortment in the foyer café as we do in the bars, but you will also find a selection of sandwiches and tasty cakes in the foyer café.