Meyers Food

In Meyers we have a passion for food crafts and great taste, and we have poured all that love into making high quality food products that we distribute to Danish consumers through both retail and foodservice channels. We want the products to inspire consumers in the kitchen, help them make delicious and high quality meals, and overall get better food experiences.

Meyers' products include a wide range of specialty products and groceries

About Meyers' products

For more than 25 years, Meyers have shown ways to greater taste, more diversity and higher quality through our products.

We focus on developing tasteful products of high quality, with a special origin story, and widely distribute them on the Danish market.

Our talented product developers work closely with our chefs and bakers on new products for the market - products with a deep foundation in our principles of high quality, and tasty raw materials and a great deal of love. 

Our products are sold in our own stores, selected specialty stores, and in Meny and Coop's retail stores throughout the country, but Meyers products can also be experienced in Q8 gas stations, loads of works places (through our canteens), hotels and other food service actors.