Meyers Madhus

In Meyers Madhus (Meyers House of Food) food lovers of all ages have the opportunity to learn how to bake the most wonderful breads and cakes, be explore the adventurous Nordic Cuisine and become familiar with the world's greatest cuisines.

About Meyers Madhus

You will get inspiration for your fish dishes and lean how to with a sourdough bread or how to make sausages, sauces, food with greens and learn new techniques in the dessert kitchen. In short: Learn to cook better for the rest of your life.

We also help companies to strengthen the relations between colleagues, to give your employees a cosy experience together or to get closer to your customers. With Gastronomical Teambuilding we introduce you to our universe of wonderful commodities, tastiness and good craftsmanship. First and foremost, it is about giving you a nice evening, where you can cooperate on cooking a delicious dinner which you afterwards will enjoy together with a good glass of wine. Whether you seek the immersion, the cosy company, to focus on your communication or you want to be thrown into a thrilling battle of taste, we have a solution for you.

We advise both public and private organizations on projects concerning development of Danish food culture, creating healthy businesses and fostering social change - all with food and the great meal as the focal point. Among many things we offer gastronomic consulting and improvement, development of recipes, production of cookbooks from idea to the finished product, and we participate as a partner in several research and development projects.

Our lovely, light location situated at the centre of Nørrebro accommodates 75 people and is therefore the ideal place for business meetings, theme-events and seminars. We offer different packages with food and drinks, but we are also happy to create an offer that fits your needs.