Meyers Canteens

Meyers Canteens is a creative and professional food contractor that serves lunch to some of the most innovative and largest companies in Denmark on a daily basis. Taste, love of food, quality, ecology and health is the foundation of the gastronomy of Meyers Canteens.

More than just a canteen

At Meyers Kantiner we provide award-winning canteen solutions for businesses. We run your canteen, in your house, as a bespoke and exclusive staff restaurant, and we do it in a way where the gastronomy, the hosting and the collaboration raise the bar to the highest level.

We win awards for our canteen operations, and we have longterm and strong collaborations with our customers. All of this we can do because we create the kind of meal experiences that become one of your colleagues' core stories about your company and workplace.

The food is our metier

Meyers Canteens were founded by Claus Meyer in 1999. Since we have developed strong collaborations with Denmarks leading private companies and public institutions. Today, we serve a large number of both private and public companies within the fields of pharma, consulting, IT, finance, engineering, professional services and highly specialized manufacturing throughout the country.

All this we do at a competitive price, which makes a crucial difference for our customers in their everyday lives. We deliver better health, well-being and productivity to your employees, based on a transparent economy and a strong partnership.

We are always present with some of the industry's most skilled chefs and gastronomists. Our smallest canteen has only 30-40 guests for lunch, while the largest single unit serves over 1.600 daily meals every day, and delivers both lunch, breakfast, catering, take away, etc.