Do you need press inquiries? Here you can find contact information for Denmark and the US.

General inquiries

Please send any requests for interviews with employees or leaders from Meyers as well as requests for information about Meyers products, events, business units and food solutions to

Furthermore, PR and press advisor Brit Larsen can be contacted at or 22 82 28 42. 

Claus Meyer:

If you wish to contact Claus Meyer in regard to an interview or a collaboration, please reach out to project manager Magnus Søgaard through

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Press releases from Meyers:

If you wish to join Meyers’ press list please send an email to Brit Larsen via and include a few words about your field of interest. That way we can send you relevant press releases.

You will find the latest news from Meyers by clicking here.

Pictures and logos:

Our pictures are yours to use editorially as long as you credit Meyers as well as the name of the photographer in question. 

Any Meyers logo may only be used and distributed following a prior agreement. Pictures, logos etc. can be downloaded here.

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