Our purpose


N.F.S Grundtvig wrote: "The word creates what it alludes to". Meyers was founded many years ago, when a young man forsaw new opportunities in the unadorned, Danish food culture. He called out the potential and embarked on a mission to unfold it. We will continue this effort.


We will approach the work before us in ways that will provide great benefit and joy to an increasing number of people, and we will engage ourselves in new challenges where we believe our contribution will make a difference. As individuals and as a company it is our responsibility to assume a growing responsibility in the world.

Martin Luther King once said: "We need to build a longer table, not a higher wall." Not a day goes by, where we do not ask ourselves, "how can we use our resources and our gifts to become a source of hope and opportunity, for those who feel excluded?".

We will never turn our back towards “pockets of misery”. We believe that our colleagues, our friends and our other stakeholders have the capacity and the will to help us achieve the changes that are necessary in our company as well as in the world around us. "Unconditional hospitality" is a state of mind, a philosophy, and it is a challenge which we will remind ourselves of and rise to the occasion, every day.


We will hunt down any opportunity to take the flavor to next level. We believe in the concept of apprenticeship and in the value of professional experience; however, we are also keenly aware that any colleague, regardless of position in the kitchen, in the bakery or in the office, can bring something brilliant to the table. Deliciousness can change a room as well as a community for the better. And if it can change a community then it can certainly effect a country. We would never have succeeded with our food school in the closed state prison “Vridsløselille” or in Bolivia if the extent of our endeavours had just been to teach someone to cook something. When we take deliciousness seriously, we create new opportunities, more capabilities and greater experiences. We develop human talent and foster ingenuity. Deliciousness is a strong business model that sustains an agenda for continued positive change.



Its ok to fail with us; we are not perfect and we won’t always win, but we need to be able to rely on our basic game. We make an effort each time we lay a table, light a candle, cook a soup, or when we enter into an agreement with a partner, a client or a colleague. Its not our duty to produce miracles but we shall tackle even small tasks with a big commitment. We celebrate those colleagues of ours whose vigilance is the reason that we never deliver less than what is expected, and always more than what is needed. And yet, we rejoice and feel deep fulfillment when we manage to make unexpected or surprising moves that produce extraordinary excitement and pleasure for others. If we see an opportunity to listen to the siren song, we happily jump over the fence at its highest to seize it. Once in a while,
everyone has the right to be fantastic.

The planet we pass on to the future generations must be richer and more vital than the one we inherited from our parents


Most people are really good at something, few are the masters of everything. We start from a position of strength when we attempt to develop people, collaborations and the communities in which we operate. We are an attentive organisation. We meet others with the expectation that we will teach as well as be taught; we will grow our skills and feed our passions with the knowledge passed down from
others. We prefer to succeed together than to triumph over others. It is a privilege and an honour to develop and maintain meaningful, relationships and partnerships over time, and we see it as our natural duty to strive to unfold the synergies and collaborations in the now burgeoning Danish food culture.


In the light of eternity The world that future generations inherit from us must be more vital than the one we inherited from our parents.
We should never set aside our concern for our children’s food culture, food rights and future. As a company, not only do we endeavour not to harm, we also want to do more good.We will collaborate with colleagues, guests, clients, suppliers, neighbours and with all stakeholders to create diverse and wide-ranged opportunities for the long haul and for the many.