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  • The menu

    Brunch, lunch and dinner

    We offer both a theatre menu, allowing you to choose between 3 or 4 courses and an a-la-carte-menu: Simple dishes that present the full potential of all ingredients and letting them play together, creating a small symphony for both taste buds and the eyes. In the weekend you can enjoy our delicious brunch.

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Visit Ofelia in the Danish Royal Theatre

Café & Restaurant Ofelia is named after Hamlet’s chosen one in the act from Shakespeare. You can enjoy a dinner at Ofelia in the evening both with or without a theatre ticket in hand. If you pass by during the day you will be able to dine with a view of the harbor while sitting in the middle of the beautiful high-ceiling foyer at the Danish Royal Theatre. From this excellent spot you can see the blue boats for canal tours slowly making their way up and down the canals of Copenhagen, as well as you can see the Opera House, Holmens old crane for masts and the Royal Yacht Dannebrog. If the weather allows it, you can take a break in the sun at the big terrace and enjoy a cup of fair-trade coffee, ecological tea, a glass of ice cold apple/sea buckthorn juice or a cinnamon swirl. In the summer you can spend some valuable time with your friends and visit our cocktail bar on the terrace during sunset. In the summer period our bar serves homemade cocktails, cold draft beers and ice coffee.



Experience the regions delicate ingredients and a menu reflecting the season combing savor, health, sustainability and ecological awareness

  • The kitchen

    Our kitchen is based on the joy created by the treasury of the many tasteful ingredients found in gardens, forests and fields in the region surrounding us. Furthermore, the kitchen embraces the diversity of taste experiences that is represented by the changing seasons. We choose ingredients that are extra palatable, are produced sustainably and with respect for animal welfare. Our food is at least 30% organic. The chef Benjamin Carlos Reckendorff Melchior, compose simple beautiful dishes that present the full potential of all ingredients and letting them play together, creating a small symphony for both taste buds and the eyes.

  • Brunch with the best view in the city

    Enjoy a delicious Saturday or Sunday morning brunch in the open air by the harbor. Treat your taste buds with smoked salmon, sweet home baked waffles served with our own vanilla ice cream made from ecological cream and Polynesian vanilla, an exquisite selection of Danish cheese and much more. Our bread deserves a chapter on its own. It is fermented, ecologic and home baked, and you will find both rye bread, Meyers famous Øland wheat bread with a tasty crust and tender crumb, and crunchy crispbread. The perfectly brewed coffee is made from ecological fair-trade espresso beans. Our ecological tea from T-Town doesn’t contain any artificial additives and you can choose between white, green, Oolong, black, and herbs.

Opening hours at Café & Restaurant Ofelia

Weekend brunch: Saturday-Sunday 10 am - 3 pm
Lunch: Monday – Friday 11 am – 4pm, Saturday-Sunday 1:30 am – 4 pm
Dinner and Theatre menu: Tuesday-Saturday 5 pm-8:30 pm

Opening hours regarding the outdoor cocktail bar:
Open every day, when the weather allows (Ofelia closes at 12 pm)

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Tlf. + 45 88 24 73 34