Brasserie Post X Pop Up Arts

  • Art Exhibition January 10th

    POP UP ARTS x Brasserie Post

    On January 10th POP UP ARTS will be hosting its second art exhibition at Brasserie Post. Stop by from 5 pm to 6:30 pm, and explore the art of two young artists and a complimentary glass of bubbles.

    POP UP ARTS support artists in breaking through on the Danish and international art scenes: 

    Anne Sofie Djernis works with painting and is intrigued by how we perceive and comprehend the world through mediation—via images and information embedded in materials.

    Jonas Erboe productions are based on common and repetitive actions that, over time, question accepted truths regarding identity, language, and social relations. Often employing exaggeration, absurdity, and humor, Jonas's recent work has focused on the phenomenon of the marathon.

    All artworks are for sale.

  • Pop Up Arts

    Art you can take home


    Stepping into Brasserie Post should be an aesthetic experience. Just as the food is a taste sensation, it is also a piece of culture, an atmosphere, and a visual impression. The same goes for the art.

    We are pleased to collaborate with Pop Up Arts, which handpicks talented artists and allows their works to unfold in surroundings that extend beyond the boundaries of the gallery.

    The art is dynamic and changes approximately once a quarter with the assistance of our friends at Pop Up Arts.

    All artwork in the restaurant is available for purchase.

    Read more on the Pop Up Arts website.


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