Hold your event at Brasserie Post. We have space for intimate private dining and exclusive gatherings with a fireplace, vinyl records, a bar hatch, and French gastronomy

October & november

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Drinks for the menu

Menu and 2 glasses of wine 800 DKK
Menu, 1 glass of bubbles and 2 glasses of wine 890 DKK
Menu, 1 glass of bubbles, 2 glasses of wine and coffee 940 DKK 

Please pre-order which wines may be served

Øster Allé 1, 2100 København Ø 

Frokost tirsdag-søndag kl. 11.00-15.30
Aften    tirsdag-søndag kl. 17.30-24.00. 


Telefon 28 35 30 34

Mail brasseriepost@meyers.dk