We present a unique visual, interactive experience in collaboration with åben festival, Hackstage, Tunnelfabrikken and Meyers as we present two interactive art installations and artistic dance performances.

We wil also have DJ's, nice food and a damn good bar!

”Spatial interactivity” via KINECT:

We will construct a big canvas screen of 20x6 meters which will be 'floating' in the air. The canvas screen will be projected on and mapped with 2 x 20.000 lumen projectors. With the help of a KINECT-camera, the projection on the canvas becomes interactive by capturing human movements, depth and forms and turns them into data which is read by a touch design programme, in order to manipulate the movements. It will feel like looking into another world, another twisted version of yourself.

”Transparency” by Iris Vogel Grønbæk & Emil Kyvsgaard:

The second installation has its artistic output in the elements of abstract shapes. We have established a partnership with light designers, Iris Vogel Grønbæk and Kyvsgaard. They work with transparency of glass and how it shapes projected lights. The fascinating element of this installation is how light behaves in the glass and how it alters light in its abstract shapes. In a way, this installation is also interactive as the light will be reactive to sound.

Performance: Agnes Stautz & Kasper Absalon

Kasper & Agnes present their performance,"Transparent" (2020) set to music they've produced together but never released before. "We're trying to embody the reflections and ripplesof a morphing, fluctuating energy-pulse ready to sweep you off your feet." We are interested in digital aesthetics mixed with analog movements. Expect quirky dance moves and intense theatricality.

Performance: CPH Ballroom

CPH Ballroom is a group of people dedicated to the art of ballroom and vogue, originated in New York by trans women of color. It's with great honor and respect that we represent this culture and spread its word of love and power to Copenhagen

DJ of the night

MOQST (Uhuru Express / Quartier Groove)

He is French-born, but based in Copenhagen - MOQST has made a name of himself and slowly established himself as one of the most serious record selectors currently. He explores several genres, from funk to Brazilian music, crossing African boogie and European disco, bringing forth forgotten treasures of the past.


It will also be possible to buy food from the food truck, Lille Meyer, which serves green snacks, crispy falafel salad, juicy veggie burgers and lots of freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

TIME: 18.00-02.00
Pleasure Control is a Copenhagen-based event music collective, community and production company that merges music, art and culture with togetherness. Diversity and multiculturality is their identity. They believe open-mindedness is key to successful and memorable events. They are skillful with productions involving light design, space design, audio-visual production and diverse materials for the visual senses.

FB: Pleasure Control

ÅBEN is your new cultural festival in Østerbro and in Nordhavn.
ÅBEN 2020 takes place in the weekend fra 11th - 13th September and is supported by: Københavns Kommune, By & Havn, Kulturhavn, Østerbro Lokaludvalg, Sharingcph, Enigma Museum for post, tele & kommunikation og Tunnelfabrikken.

Vælg dato og billetter

  • Fre. 11. sep

    , kl. 18:00 - 02:00