Meyers Deli

Meyers Deli is a modern eatery with comfort food for the everyday life, tastiness to go, one of the city's strongest café concepts with freshly baked bread and cakes from Meyers Bakery and a large variety of delicacies from home and abroad, both refrigerated and on the shelf.

At Meyers Deli you can enjoy freshly made dishes from the Nordic cuisine as well as updated versions of Danish food classics.

About Meyers Deli

In 2010 Meyers Deli was named the City's best place for takeaway by one of the leading Danish newspapers and in 2014 the Deli was nominated again for the fourth time.

We have made it easy for you and your family to pick up a delicious dinner to enjoy at home. You can also pick up your breakfast or appealing lunch dishes to enjoy at the office.

The refrigerators and shelves in Meyers Deli are always filled with delicacies. Our own selection of jams, cold-smoked salmon, vinegars and charcuterie from the small workshops in Nordhavn are part of the signature delicacies, and you will also find chocolate from Valrhona and the refreshing juice from the apples of Lilleø.

In 2015 we celebrated the 10th birthday of our first and largest Meyers Deli on Gl. Kongevej in Frederiksberg. Later, we opened Meyers Deli on the lower floor in Magasin in the centre of Copenhagen and one more in Frederiksberg. (The latter closed on the 1st of April 2015.)